Participant education has been proven to boost participation and contributions. Verisight's employee educational materials educate and empower employees to take control of their financial future.

Dynamic materials that empower. Verisight's meaningful communications are designed to meet the diverse circumstances and financial knowledge levels of all of your employees. We offer a robust array of compelling educational materials and tools from initial enrollment to ongoing information that empowers your employees to take control of their financial future. For instance:

Convenient, up-to-date account information. With Verisight's 24/7 account access, employees have easy access to their investment performance plus online features and fund fact sheets to help them make informed decisions. Our quarterly participant statements are not only easy-to-read, but also provide powerful age-relevant educational content. Additionally, we offer convenient automatic rebalancing of employee accounts with multiple frequency and on-demand options.

Employee education that fits your firm's needs. Our educational programs are structured so that you can take advantage of the depth and level of resources that is aligned with your needs. For example, knowledgeable service representatives are available to respond to participant inquiries and provide professional investment support and we can develop long-term educational campaigns specific to your employee demographics.

Flexible information delivery. You and your employees can access education in the way that works best for you, including web-based training, live web assistance or in-person sessions.
Verisight: truthful insight.
"Veri" stems from veritas, Latin for truth.
"Sight" derived from "insight", the ability to perceive clearly and deeply.


November 18, 2014
Verisight, Inc., a recognized leader in comprehensive retirement plan services and consulting solutions, announced today that Laura Ramanis will join the organization’s leadership team as Chief Operating Officer, effective November 17, 2014. Read the full release.

October 24, 2014
The 2015 Cost of Living Adjustments have been released by the Internal Revenue Service. Each year, the IRS is required to review and adjust the dollar limitations on benefits and contributions under qualified retirement plans to account for cost of living increases. Some limitations will remain unchanged because the increase in the Consumer Price Index did not meet the statutory thresholds for their adjustment. However, other limitations will increase for 2015. View the 2015 limits.

October 23, 2014
Verisight will be hosting a series of 401(k) Boot Camps in November for our 401(k) plan sponsor clients.  Invitations to this 3 part series can be downloaded here.

This program will provide tools to help in-house plan sponsor staff operate their retirement plan correctly. Over the course of 3 webcasts, Verisight will cover basic in-house 401(k) operations from the employer’s perspective to give your team information to help avoid common operational errors.

October 15, 2014
The Newport Group, Inc. and Verisight, Inc. today announced they will be joining forces to increase the size, scale and reach of their respective businesses. Under the terms of the agreement, the holding company of Verisight. Read the full release.